About the Firm

Ziman and Ziman started as a legal firm in Corporation House, Rissik Street Johannesburg in 1968.

Hyme Ziman had been in practice in Bureau Lane, Pretoria in the early 1930’s, having graduated cum laude with a Ba.Llb from the Pretoria University. After a successful stint in Law he had gone into his family business, Ziman Brothers (Pty) Ltd where he joined his father and brother George. The Ziman family was one of the oldest in Pretoria and ran a food and beverage business, the family home being directly opposite the three statues in the grounds of the Union Buildings in Arcadia.  Until the 90’s the family had as their Pretoria postal address PO Box 10 Pretoria. The well known Pep-a-dilla soft drink was one of their products as was Ting-Ling Ginger Beer, PepLDoo flavoured drinks and Miranda Orange drink. They also manufactured tomato sauce, worcestorshire sauce, chutneys and vinegar and their premises in Proes Street was well known for its window into the bottling factory, visited by local shoppers and school children.

In 1968 Hyme returned to the Law, his first love, after some serious health issues relating to his eyesight and was joined by his youngest son Derek in 1970. The firm Ziman and Ziman was born. His eldest son Cyril had qualified as an attorney and had become a partner in the prestigious firm of Guttenberg Bergin and Rosen under the changed name of Guttenberg Rosen and Ziman. In 1978 the two firms merged under the name Rosen and Ziman with offices at National Board House opposite the Supreme Court.

Derek commenced legal practice at Blues Point Road in North Sydney in 2005 and the original name was adopted on the basis the he and Cyril would colaborate on international legal matters. That colaboration continues and services are offered in both Soth Africa and Australia as well as Europe, the Far East and Middle East and the USA when appropriate.