Our Fees Explained

Ziman and Ziman Solciitors are committed to providing you with affordable legal advice and representation without compromising the quality of our service. In doing so we undertake to:

Disclose our fees upfront

Before we start work on your matter we will discuss our costs with you. You will also be provided with a Standards Costs Disclosure and a Costs Agreement. These documents set out the terms on which we act for you. If possible we will provide you with an estimate for what our total costs will be.

Charge only for work performed in a transparent manner

We charge for work performed calculated in hourly rates. The hourly rates vary depending on the seniority of the solicitor performing the work. The rates applicable to your matter will be provided to you during your first consultation with us.

As is standard practice with solicitors in NSW we bill in 6 minute increments.

Any out of pocket expenses such as court fees, Barrister fees etc (disbursements) that we incur on your behalf are charged back to you at our cost.

Provide bills on a regular basis

In most cases we’ll bill you for work performed at the end of the matter or at the end of each month depending which occurs first.

Depending upon the type of your matter we may ask you to provide us with funds that we’ll hold in trust on your behalf. We then draw down on these monies to pay our fees and any out of pocket expenses incurred on your behalf. We will advise you at your first consultation and in our Costs Agreement whether this is applicable and the amount required.

If we are not holding money on trust for you, we’ll discuss our payment terms with you at the first consultation.