Our People

Derek Ziman (Dip Law Grad Dip (Leg Prac) PN)- Principal – Notary Public

Derek is the Principal at Ziman and Ziman Solicitors. He brings the wealth of decades of experience to his practice in North Sydney in general practice but has focused at various times on civil and criminal litigation, commercial law, franchising, building and construction law, conveyancing, family law, wills and estates and every aspect of legal practice which affects business owners.

Derek originally qualified as a practitioner in South Africa where he practiced as a partner in a family practice which was originally founded by Hyme Ziman in 1932 in Pretoria, South Africa. Hyme Ziman practiced for many decades and eventually passed away in 2002 at the age of 94 as the oldest practitioner in South Africa at the time. Derek applies the same age old and respected values and ethics to his practice in North Sydney today and has firmly established the same essential traditions and sense of dedication and commitment to the law which his father had.

In 1995 Derek emigrated to Australia with his wife and two sons. He has now accumulated over 17 years of experience in Australian business. He re-qualified as a practitioner in New South Wales after studying at the University of Sydney and was later admitted in the New South Wales Supreme Court on 3 October 2003. Shortly after he was admitted to the High Court of Australia. He then became admitted as a Notary Public. He has worked with a series of high profile clients in the time since his admission and opening of his own practice, Ziman and Ziman Solicitors in North Sydney.

Dr Scott Dobbs (Dip FS(fp) B Comm(Acc) LLB Grad Dip (Leg Prac) PhD FTMA GTA) – Estate and Tax Planning

Scott is an accomplished and acknowledged expert in matters relating to Tax and Estate Planning and has also made a name for himself in litigation. He is diligent and hard-working to a fault but is approachable and will go out of his way to ssist you. He took on a matter involving the Strata management act and had an enormous victory against lawyers who were until then presumed to be experts in that field. He will tackle any legal problem and is certainly the man to have in your corner when that time comes.

Michael Chong (BA(Hon) LLB(Hon)  – Solicitor

Michael is a vastly experienced practitioner who has had exposure to virtually every branch of our law over a twelve year period. Apart from being academically very gifted he has an insight into the solving of problems that is seldom found. He is thorough meticulous and energetic with a can-do attitude. He enjoys Family Law, Civil Litigation, Conveyancing and Transactional work and is fluent in Korean.